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A large crowd of curious Midwestern designers and architects gathered at Invision’s inaugural Objects Made event—held on September 19 at Prairie Production in Chicago’s West Loop—to see what’s new.

The commercial flooring brand’s traveling pop-up event offers a look into the trends that are shaping design today and examines inspiration, materials and processes to uncover the parallel perspectives that drive tangible creativity. Grant Design Collaborative worked with Invision and noted designer Sarah Miller to develop a thoughtful, immersive experience for the event.



The project includes a range of components including identity, invitations, exhibit displays, signage, name tags, catalogue and keepsake postcards. The catalogue features object photography and conversations with 21 designers, artists and craftspeople highlighting their processes, challenges and creative obstacles in creating new products. Also included is a digital presentation—pending IDCEC CEU accreditation—and soundtrack design for the events.

The exhibit and presentation are scheduled to tour throughout the fall and into 2014 with stops scheduled in Boston, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Atlanta and Minneapolis.