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As we close out 2013, we find ourselves hustling to fulfill our own distinct holiday traditions and reflect on another year of collaboration.

Here at Grant Design Collaborative, we pay homage to our traditions of creative expression in two new projects. Our holiday greeting and the new identity for Revival Interiors meticulously incorporated many details in their manifestation. Both projects utilized Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of letterpress in the printing process. Our holiday card was also laser engraved, die-punched, clipped and folded, while the Revival Interiors business cards were sent through the printing presses three different times before being elegantly duplexed.

Our practice of partnering with like-minded artisans led us to use Henry & Company for the letterpress portion of these projects. Their exacting detail and pursuit of perfection built the company from a single machine in 1975 to the amazing shop that now exists in Atlanta.


The identity for Revival Interiors is not Grant’s first project for the Tennessee-based design collaborative of interior designers, decorators, and purveyors of uncommon goods. We designed the identity for the original furnishings and antiques emporium, Revival, in Chattanooga almost 10 years ago. They are known for purposefully refining classic materials, sophisticated color, and strong silhouettes into environments that are at once timeless and of the moment.


Our ongoing commitment to the perfection of craft – both modern and classic – continues to reward us the privilege of working with clients and collaborators who share our passion for great design. We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, and we look forward to a new year of utilizing strategy, craft and passion to create brand trust for existing and new clients.