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Grant Design Collaborative announces the launch of the firm’s redesigned website, The online experience commenced with the evolution of Grant’s new brand identity and messaging components. According to Bill Grant, president and chief creative officer, “As Grant Design Collaborative embarks on its twentieth year, we paused in 2014 to reflect on our past and assess our future. Applying the same discovery and development process we use to build great brands for our clients, the team forged a strategic roadmap to guide the firm’s direction going forward. With a new identity and refined messaging, we intend to partner with clients who share our passion for redefining the design experience. The journey begins with our own website and meaningful content, and we are excited to apply our passion, craft and knowledge to challenging projects in an economy that demands a creative reboot.”

The new site is organized by Grant’s core attributes—passion, craft and knowledge—but built as a single scrolling page designed to offer a responsive, accessible overview of 
the strategy, work and designers that embody the Grant ethos.

The notable design firm conceived the site to communicate its capabilities in a new and provocative manner by utilizing the concept of juxtaposition. Clients and projects, both past and present in varying industries and disciplines, were paired to showcase the firm’s portfolio in a new light while demonstrating Grant’s ability to integrate classic graphic design with modern brand strategy. The micro case studies celebrate the firm’s clients that embody the intentional, collaborative spirit of Grant Design Collaborative by sharing a commitment to holistic experience design.


“Using our Modern Strategy/Classic Design mantra as a guide,” creative director Matt DeFrain explains, “We curated a selection of work from our portfolio that represents our passion for authentic design and revealed the connections between the projects. The end result allows us to contemplate our past while providing a strategic blueprint for where we want to go.”

The metaphor of juxtaposition, however, was more than a mere conceptual device for curating content. It also informed the approach to building the site. Utilizing the best aspects of development and applying them through Grant’s strategic thinking and classic design filters, the team collaborated to create a truly refined brand experience.

In that regard, responsive design is one of the most critical aspects of the redesign. A primary goal was to maintain a seamless experience across platforms and clearly articulating Grant Design Collaborative’s message and caliber to as many people as possible. Whether it’s on a full-screen monitor or a compact mobile device, the user experience is completely scalable without compromising the site’s integrity.

CB Smithwick, Grant’s web strategist and developer, elaborates, “With CSS3 and HTML5, creative developers now have a clean slate. The rise of mobile technology has generated the need and desire to create fully customized digital experiences, and these new tools provide an environment where nuanced design elements; such as complex grid structures, kerning, leading and animation, can all be achieved. In Grant’s opinion, design is finally aligning with programming to enhance the online experience.”